Ditch the Australian Retailers and buy Makeup from the USA

If you are reading this, chances are you are interested in buying makeup. Who doesn’t love makeup? With so many luxury cosmetic brands out there, it’s hard to ignore the beautiful range. If you happen to live in Australia or bought cosmetics from Australia during your visit, you must agree – makeup here’s is a lot expensive.

Why Makeup in Australia expensive?

Australian women are always complaining about expensive beauty and cosmetic products sold at Australian stores. Of course, it’s unjust when you are paying 4 times more than your overseas counterparts for the same cosmetic even though the Australian dollar holds parity with the American dollar.

Take the example of O.P.I nail color. It is sold between $5 and $8 (USD) in the United States whereas in Australia, it’s available at the price for $19.95 (AUD). Now that’s unfair!

Consumers blame the retailers; retailers blame the distributors who then blame the wholesalers. Wholesalers, eventually pin everything on the manufacturers. Since Australia is geographically isolated, import and shipping costs are passed onto consumers. The retailers then have to set their profit margins as well. Ultimately, you have to pay a higher price to buy your favorite MAC lipstick.

This has got most Australian shoppers to wonder why not buy makeup from USA and get it shipped to their country? Some makeup brands do have an Australian version but they don’t always have all the same products. Even when they are offered, they are expensive.

Australian buyers would kill for it to buy the collection of Sephora available in the USA. Fortunately, you don’t have to visit the USA to buy them. Our Business has got you covered. Shop your favorite cosmetic products from USA makeup retailers and we will ship them to your address in Australia.

Best Online Makeup Stores in USA

Ready to buy makeup from the USA? Here’s a list of the top makeup stores you can look into.


Glossier is a new kid of the block. This beauty brand has recently got a lot of fame in the USA. Their beauty line is inspired by real life. Therefore, you will find makeup items for everyday use here. The items include beauty products, skincare, fragrances and more.

Glossier hasn’t expanded to the Australian market yet. The prices of their products start from $9 and more.


Sephora is a beauty giant that is operating worldwide. They stock hundreds of makeup brands. You will find beauty products used by popular makeup artists here readily. The cool thing about shopping from Sephora is they send free samples. Plus, you earn rewards every time you shop. The prices of product start from $15 and more.

Sephora has an Australian version too. They offer free shipping if your order costs $55 and beyond. You can use their promo code PRIMEAPP to avail more discounts.




Smashbox needs no introduction in the world of cosmetics as they are creating complexion-perfecting cosmetics for more than 20 years. Their primers and foundations helped them to gain cult beauty status. The Exposure palette of Smashbox is mush-have for most of the beauty lovers. You will find a wide range of hues from nude to bold and subtle to mute, the range has a variety of shades to suit everyone.


The prices of Smashbox primer start from $32 and more. Smashbox hasn’t expanded to the Australian market yet.


Anastasia Beverly Hills


Anastasia Beverly Hills’s meteoric popularity was due to its teeny eyebrow pencil especially when celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins were being praised for their teeny and bold eyebrows. And yes, this ultra-thin eyebrow pencil is indeed perfect to achieve a more natural look using a lighter stroke. It is ideal for those women who want to groom and maintain their arches. Anastasia Beverly Hills will never disappoint you whether it is contouring, eyebrows, and eye shadows. So, if you want to do something artistry with your eyes, Anastasia could be your best companion.


The prices of Anastasia Beverly Hills’ products start from $18 and more. They offer international shipping if you order over $50 ship for $15.


Jeffree Star:


If you have not heard of Jeffree star makeup products yet, you are probably missing out on the most playful and beautiful cosmetics products. She is the most popular YouTube star and makeup expert with 16.4 million YouTube subscribers. Currently, it is one of the most famous online makeup brands due to its fun glossy lipsticks, striking color choices, eye pencils, highly pigmented palettes and more. The uber-creative collection of Jeffree Star is perfect for everyone especially for those who want to a flawless, vegan and long-lasting makeup.


The prices of their products start from $22 and more. They offer international shipping for $100.




There is no doubt that Morphe is great because it’s for everyone. It is perfect for those who don’t know how to use makeup but they want to try or makeup. Russian model Natasha Poly also did her makeup with Morphe palette at met gala 2018. The best thing is that they are offering high-quality products at affordable prices.


The prices of Morphe’s products start from $15 and more. They are offering international shipping but they have no store in Australia as yet.


Milk Makeup


Milk Makeup is probably the only beauty brand that is much loved by women that are not into beauty. It offers multi-use skincare and makeup products that are cruelty-free, vegan and paraben-free. Their skincare products are simple to use and come with brimming effects. On the other hand, makeup products give you absolute pops of color that can be built up to alter your overall look. The Milk makeup $24 mascara was also spotted on the Sephora’s 2018 best-seller list.


The prices of Milk Makeup’s products start from $24 and more. Milk Makeup hasn’t expanded to the Australian market yet.




Tarte is a game-changer and will definitely inspire you because of their eco-friendly makeup. It offers a wide a versatile range from mascara to long-lasting foundation, and lip tints to contour concealer that goes beyond beauty. It is good for those who love to use eco-friendly and long-wear makeup.


The prices of their products start from $15 and more. They offer free shipping for Australia on orders over $ 44.87. There is also Sign up to the rewards scheme and other discount offers too.

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